A frontier full of danger beckons you…

The Northwild. Norwold. The Dreary Marches. The Frigid Expanse. The frontiers in the north of the continent go by many names. None have dared to settle this untamed and violent wilderness in the last 300 years.

Castle Dauntless sits at the edge of the civilized world, the last bastion of safety on the edge of danger. But now, an enterprising young noble seeks to revive the isolated fortress in a bid to make her fortune. But to do so means keeping peril at her back.

Even now, daring adventurers, either too bold or too foolhardy to head common sense and dire warnings, make their way to Castle Dauntless. Beyond the edifice’s north gates lies a rugged land of danger, and opportunity, terror and triumph.

Few will answer the call of the Northwild. And even fewer will survive it.