Sir MacDougal Wyth

Volamtar. Knight Errant. Brewer.


Stout and muscled like a keg (or offensive lineman). Long Hair the color of lightning. Skin the color of tree bark. Tattooed with impolite but charming dwarfish runes. A bit of 5 o’clock shadow. Tends to be surrounded by a cloud of pipe smoke. Smells of ale and hops. Walks jauntily with a hammer bigger than him. Smiles easily. Hugs tightly. Sings poorly. Strikes heartily.


Sir MacDougal Wyth, answers to many names: “Chaplain”; “Volamtar”; “Brewmaster”, or as he prefers: “Mac”. A disciplined hobbyist, Mac is as cunning and firm as he is gregarious and open (as far as Dwarves go).

A military man in his past life (a quartermaster and cook), Mac served with an army dedicated to the service of Moradin. When tragedy struck his comrades and clan by Giants, Mac found himself in the service world and ultimately in the hands of Marthammor Thuin: the Dwarf God of Wanderers and a new Dwarven Way.

With no living history or clan hall left, MacDougal found solace in the grace and power of Marthammor who picked him for divine power. As part of his joining of Marthammor’s church, he shaved his beard to ease his integration among humans and to herald a new path: one in which the Dwarf’s studiousness was applied to working with humans and demihumans in the light. He quickly put himself and his blessings to work for Lord Mayor Fiona Bracken, earning his keep with his ease around hobgoblins and his skill at dismantling the undead.

His goals are simple: Insure the survival of the dwarves via harmony with man. Shepherd and Protect all free and safe roads those who walk them. Make an ale for the ages. How that all gets done is becoming increasingly more complicated.

As of late, Mac has shouldered new responsibilities, including becoming Knight Errant for Queen Tabitha Khemstoc in the aftermath of the siege by Camaratta’s rooks.

In his free time Mac enjoys quiet evenings with his wife Brunthiel, bothering the Lord Mayor, and listening and singing with others.

Sir MacDougal Wyth

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