Saza Loripine Spirewind

Soothsayer, Diviner, Tinkerer


Level 3 Gnomish wizard with a specialization in Divination.


Wizards learn in their training that every once in a while, an effect from far in the future or past will make time a bit more fluid and a drip of it will seep into their consciousness. They see a moment of their future or a moment of their past in perfect clarity. Unfortunately for Saza, when it happens to her, she gets flooded.
Saza had no choice but to head to the North when she saw visions of Castle Dauntless. She left her college, packed up all of her tools, and found herself traveling north in the company of other travelers of the road.
She earns her way with craftiness where she can, and more often than not, uses her talents for the dubious practice of fortune telling. If the future is predetermined, maybe her guesses are correct. She even created a way to collect money while on the road and not even working that hard, with her fortune telling booth. For 1 silver piece, the mechanical fortune teller will answer one question for any one who cares to participate.
Saza keeps a journal that she tends to just leave out in the open in her quarters. Saza’s Journal

Saza Loripine Spirewind

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