The Northwild: Manifest Destiny

Session 35: Scry The Throne

Power Word Biff

Attending: Saza Loripine Spirewind, Iskandar, Flint, Sir MacDougal Wyth, Gloria, Sir Calaph di Sutherland,

{editors note; at Shelby’s request, I’ve been asked to ‘punch up’ my progress reports to the Duke to add a more humanoid interest angle. While I resent this impingement on my creativity, I told them I’d give it a go if they promised to tell me where they keep the good pens.}

The day I saw the world end in flames

We set out to negotiate a cease fire between Bael Turath and the Crusaders of Lathander who have been in conflict ever since Rosarette led the knights north. Both sides feel equally aggrieved and disinclined to trust each other. When Saza and Iskandar arcane eye the Crawling Throne, however, they discover that the throne is not weeks away from discovering the ancient mass grave, but days. Days until the world ends. We do more recon, discovering that the Throne is a series of platforms carried by zombies and pulled by undead giants. A Dracolich and cultist-operated catapult provides aerial support, a massive organ seems to mesmerize the undead legions, and in the center is the Hex Lich that rules them all. It’s a mess. And it’s almost at its goal.

The day I realized I was the only one who couldn’t hear the voice of God.

We teleport to Bale Turath, grab some supplies and a letter of introduction from Ambassador Karakass Endell, and head towards the two armies in the field to convince them that the real enemy is the Throne. It’s….challenging. Both sides are stubborn and planning treachery. Fortunately, they both agree to attack the Throne while we conduct a more surgical strike. Commander Perrin, however, has received orders from High Command to betray the Bael Turath forces, which is kinda stretching the definition of ‘neutral good’ if you ask me. We plead with him to act with more honor. Bael Turath promises to do their part, which should have been a warning sign, in retrospect.

The day I left my home to find something more.

The day of the attack is overcast and stormy, thanks to some divine intersession. As the armies harry the front left of the Throne, a sabotage team of Sir Renfro, Sir Georg of Caer Greenwald, and Captain Vyentuk goes for the catapult. We strike from the air, with Mac and Saza on flying carpet, Calaph on his owl, Gloria and Flint on Victor, and Iskandar riding himself in bird form (dirty). Our plan is to free a captive frost giant in the hopes that he fucks things up. We’re immediately met by the Dracolich, which engages with Gloria and Flint, while Saza and Mac descend to the giant. Iskandar dive bombs the Dracolich, which shakes him off, bites him, and temporarily strikes fear in Flints heart, causing him and Gloria to battle over Victor’s reins. Iskandar is freewill and fails to thorn whip lasso the Dracolich, who slashes, wing slaps and bites us. Then the catapult fires.

The day I lost everything.

Mac and Saza free the giant and turn it invisible, so now a massive empty space is smashing zombies left and right. Sabotage team launches the catapult not at the Lich, but at the massive organ, destroying it and breaking the Lich’s hold over the horde of undead. Meanwhile, Calaph is knocked off his owl and starts falling as the Dracolich readies a breath weapon. Flint channels Lara Croft and rope arrows the Dracolich. He swings underneath it, causing it to loose it’s aim, and then tangles its wings in the rope. It plummets to the ground, ultimately crashing into the catapult and killing Captain Vyentuk [DECEASED] in the process. Two vampires arrive and leave in short order after getting fireballed, frost giant-ed, thunderwave cannonballed, and raked by giant bird talons. Calaph grabs his owl’s serpentine tail and descends low enough to jump onto Baba’s back. He checks the package strapped to the owl and commands it to climb. Reunited on the Crawling Throne platforms, the party confronts the Lich.
As we approach, we attempt to take the initiative by killing the zombies supporting the Lich’s platform. This works, but Flint gets cursed for his trouble. Calaph gives the signal and something begins to fall from the sky: EV-9D9, the battle droid we brought Back from the Future. Lightning strikes it several times, causing it to power up and enter ‘combat mode’, just as a Bonestrider arrives to flank us. We confidently descend on the Lich with curses, lighting and dispel magicks.
The Lich casts power word kill on Saza.

The day I discovered the power I had inside me.

Power Word Kill is one of the most powerful spells in the world. Counterspell is known to almost any semi-literate hedge mage. The chances of successfully countering an instant death spell is maybe 10%.
Saza does it.
The Lich strikes back with life disruptions and Lair effect, but now we’re in mêlée range. Gloria finally throws down her gods-damn bow and fire up her lightsaber, charging in on victory to swipe at the Lich. From the beginning, Sir Calaph had argued for a decapitation strategy. Most thought he was being figurative. Baba leaps across a chasm of grasping zombie hands and Calaph, infused with divine power, takes the Lich’s head from its shoulders. The Lich’s Phylactery, spread throughout the army, glows brightly, as a rapid-firing EV-9D9 starts to get overwhelmed by zombies. Saza, still shaking from her miraculous save, unloads her magic missile wand on the softened up Bone Strider.
We grab the Lich’s body, get on our mounts, and flee as the EV-9D9 goes critical. For a moment, there is no sound. Then a deafening roar as the Battle Droid ignites and obliterates the Crawling Throne. In the aftermath, we confirm the Lich is no more and help the survivors of the battle bury their dead. Bael Turath ended up betraying the Crusaders, but at least Perrin didn’t betray his beliefs. We return home to Castle Dauntless, wounds mending, friends mourned, apocalypse cancelled.

Today. Because today I can still make a difference.

XP: 12,400. Damn.
Loot: items taken from the cultists.
[In a quiver on a deceased Crusader sharpshooter] x3 Lightning arrows (+2d8 lightning damage and 1d8 lightning damage to all creatures within 5 feet of a struck target, no save)
x2 Net Arrows (Target entangled until they make a DC15 Athletics/Acrobatics to escape)
x2 Rope Arrows
x3 Healing Arrows (Heals 2d8 to struck target)

-Battle Standard of Dawn: When planted in the ground as an action, it grants the same buffs as bless to all allies in 60 feet of the standard. If a foe drops the standard, the same stats are debuffed accordingly until it is raised again.

[Lich] Robe of Scintillating Colors

[Lich] Spellbook with the ritual to become a lich, an advanced version of it to spread one’s phylactery about, an interpretation thereof for making demiliches (which can be further blunted to make flame skulls) Every spell listed in the entry for “Lich” in the MM

[Lich] Staff of Skulls – It’s a staff made of skulls. Go figure. +1 to save DC of necromancy spells, and 1d6 charges of Animate Dead per day. Undead made in this way are permanent. This staff slowly but surely corrupts its user.

[Cult Leader – killed by Crusaders] Pallid Mask – Grants advantage on saves VS gaze attacks. Makes one immune to the Hex Lich eye. Looks spooky.

[Found in the cultist’s quarters] Scrolls: x2 Bestow Curse, x3 Speak with Dead, x2 Feign Death, x1 Locate Creature, x1 Word of Recall, x1 Forbiddence, x1 Symbol ,x1 Divine Word, x4 Cure



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