Adventurer's Guild

An eclectic, wood and stonework building that occupies an obnoxiously central space in the “town” district of Castle Dauntless, the Adventurer’s Guild is a relic of a time long vanished. Before the empire of Nerath fell, adventuring became a guild protected profession (thanks to the fact that a retired adventurer sat in the emperor’s throne). Many such buildings popped up in towns and trade centers throughout the world, with retired heroes (or so they claimed) running the facilities, and providing assistance (for a modest fee, of course) to treasure seekers and scoundrels of all stripes. The most notable feature of each guild hall was the “Big Board” out front, where notes, broadsheets, carved messages, and official decrees were tacked on. Adventurers used this board to find jobs, patrons, warnings, and leads to where the next danger they would face might lie in wait.

With the dissolution of the empire and thus, any strong central power, the guilds fell into disuse and disrepair.

The Adventurer’s Guild hall here in Castle Dauntless features the customary notice board, sleeping chambers, a “panic room,” a treasurey with multiple lockers and chests where heroes can store their valuables in safety, a large library, and a “laboratory” which has long since been vacated, save for a magical circle, roughly 25 feet in diameter etched into the ground.

We have added:

  • a fancy rug
  • Some erotic art.
  • Surprisingly comfy stone shaped furniture
  • 900 gp for teleportation fund

Staying here:
Sir Calaph di Sutherland (who splits his time between here and his pimped out carriage/mobile office that he uses to maintain good relationships)
Iskandar (who splits his time between the Guild and his hut)
Sir MacDougal Wyth (who splits his time between here and Caer Greenwald)
Ser Teyrnon of Greenwold
Mordechai Knoll

Guild Coffers:
130.87 gp
& 1 Golden Gauntlet crafted at Sir Calaph di Sutherland worth 200 gp

(+500 gp Brothel Certification Down Payment)

Adventurer's Guild

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