Castle Dauntless

Built, stalled, rebuilt, repaired, and remodeled over several hundred years, Castle Dauntless is a utilitarian fortification nestled in the spur of the northern mountain range. There are clear signs of dwarven, elven, and several styles of human architecture evident in its walls and buildings.

Though it has gone by many names over the years, the simplistic “Castle Dauntless” stuck thanks to it’s bragging rights as one of the few castles in the world that has never been taken by force. Political conquest, on the other hand…

Though fairly spacious and capable of housing several hundred civilians comfortable, the castle is intended for defense. There are several noteworthy buildings within its massive and imposing curtain walls.

The Inner Keep and Barracks
Adventurer’s Guild
The Tower of Twelve
Dry Goods Store
The Unflagging Flagon
Civilian Apartments
The North Gate
Dauntless Brewing Company

Castle Dauntless

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