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Rules and Stipulations:

Basic guidelines of the Northwild campaign (as inspired by Lame Mages’ “Westmarch” campaign).

Character Creation

-Characters begin at Level 5, and can be of any race, class, and background.
-Starting hit points will be the maximum available for your class.
-Generate ability scores through point buy, standard array, or 4d6 drop the lowest (3 sets of the standard 6 stats, placed wherever you wish. Pick your preferred array of the three).
-Standard starting gear, plus 2d4 x 50 gp.
-Keep in mind that your character will be spending time performing Downtime Activities when not on adventures (See the PHB or D&D Basic document, and pages 128 – 131 in the DMG).


The Northwild (though it is called by many names) sits at the edge of the “civilized” world. The wars of nobles, machinations of arch mages, and maneuverings of mighty hordes do not stretch this for north. The dangers here are singular, mighty, and shrouded in mystery. It is a land long since abandoned, though treasure and adventure lie within. Environmentally, it sits at the chilly edge of deciduous forests, and stretches into boreal, and at elevation, even arctic climes. It’s forests and lakes are primeveal and vast, full of fish, game, and danger. Old tomes claim there are strange stretches of land that appear incongruous with the climate and geology, but who can say what is rumor and what is truth, until they have looked upon these places with their own weary eyes?

Useful Information & Quick Links

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Main Page

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