Active Quests and Threats

Camarata’s Factory

  • We conducted an improvised kidnapping operation on Camarata’s factory, bringing her to Caer Greenwold for interrogation. (Session 29: Camarata Dentata)
  • The demon powering the golems remains a threat (trapped in the factory)
  • The factions wanting her golems remain a threat (Bleeding Blade Orcs, Khal Tharm Dwarves, a southern lord, Red Hand Hobgoblins)
  • Wherefore Captain Vyentuk??

The Crawling Throne

  • We have done some recon on the Throne and found signs of its path of destruction. (Session 23: Stuck In a Rut)
  • We discovered information that indicates the Throne is seeking a miles-wide mass grave near Bael Turath. If they get it, the world might end. (Session 30: Take a look, it’s in a book: a fire demon)
  • The Crusaders of Lathander, lead by Grand High Crusader General of the Light: Rosaret were last scene with an encampment near Bael Turath. They want Sir Renfro badly.

Dwarf Kingdom


  • A clan of Giants (of mixed ancestry! Unheard of!) occupy a volcanic mountain not too far from Bael Turath. They are blocking east west trade along a major road for friendly cities and merchants.

Hobgoblin Armies

  • We have a truce with the Eastern Fortress hobgoblins
  • West and East Fortress of Red Hand are “competitive”
  • East Fortress Commander wouldn’t be upset with new leadership in charge of Western Fortress
  • Western Fortress used to be a human kingdom’s castle: its population was enslaved by Western Fortress Red Hand.
  • Eastern Fortress is looking for a “potion that ages something 500-1000 years”
  • HQ for Red Hand far North West.
  • Eastern fortress still up and running, though a massive force has settled the territory formerly held by the Talon’s of Verthrax – DECEASED

Northern Cold War

  • There are xenophobic elves to the north
  • highlander skinwalkers are doing bad things like killing Dryads
  • Goblins playing interplaner politics with demons
  • A group of arcane women (proper witches?) seems to be in the highlands.
  • Mindflayers that rode down in a comet still somewhere out there (though it seems one is trapped under Khal Tharum. For good?)
  • Ancient relatives of Caer Greenwold’s Tabitha Khemstoc continue to influence her policies. Worth noting, they are sort-of-immortal blood mages.


  • Mother Shuzja – A hag from the plane of dread (Ravenloft) slipped into our world
  • Khar’Ghul the Vile is now a lich who can summon the plane of dread. Unknown whether or not he stayed there or is still here.
  • Hearth on the Heath is now a hallowed cemetery where the undead cannot rise.

Random Rumors and Leads

  • A drow working with a half dozen goblins was slain in the ruins of Caladon’s temple. A Drow!? Working with Goblins!? Me thinks things most strange doth foot themselves!
  • An old fairy tale tells of Dogs that crawled up from Hell, living north in the Bloodmoors.

Leads put to bed:

  • Mayor Bracken has a tail (FALSE)
  • the mayor wants to build a dock or ‘find’ one, which is ridiculous. Even though we found one.
  • “Your Mysteriousness” Layoreil’s apprentice, Tyrell, was found in 8.9.
  • pill box in 8.9 has a weird magic barrier in it. Also a room full of flames and angry skeletons screaming (regiments of a old general who went crazy and was burned to death by his own troops).
  • haunted magic tomb where Queen Penothra was buried is in 4.10. It’s got a rich, and ghosts and it’s real hairy….: look for replica elven rune stones to navigate towards it
  • animals are going crazy! A ‘defiler’ was defiling the giant tree in 5.10. We killed him.
  • Ghostly lady sighted by the lake Turned out to be a ghost. We convinced her she was dead and she faded away….
  • muthafuckin’ Hydra in 8.8 is now dead. It died like a pig.
  • Of late, many folk report having vivid, personal nightmares. Probably related to that mutated Dreamweaver spider, which is dead (good).
  • shooting star has crashed down in 6.5-8.5 region Was the “vessel” for several mindflayers
  • dick pickles sighted in the northwest
  • there’s a “swamp yeti” in 10.9? Just mudmen. They can be destroyed, with some nuisance.
  • Plesiosaur lives in the southern end of the lake


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